Consulate General of the Republic of Rwanda in Australia

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How about internet facilities in Rwanda?

Most mid-range and upward hotels have internet services that can be used. In Kigali, there are a number of fast, reliable internet facilities. Outside of Kigali, however, servers can be slow and subject to breakdowns. Read More

Which month is the best season to travel in Rwanda?

It depends on what activities you plan on carrying out whilst in Rwanda. The long dry season, from June to September is the best time for tracking gorillas in the Volcanoes Park and hiking in Nyungwe Forest, as the ground is dry. Whereas the wet season, February – June (and… Read More

Please advise on what to wear in Rwanda.

Rwanda has no strict dress code on what to wear, although women travelers are advised to dress sensibly. In business areas, people tend to dress smartly. Cotton clothing is the most comfortable during the day, as it gets quite hot, but the nights tend to be chilly, so a heavy… Read More