Consulate General of the Republic of Rwanda in Australia

Attention: As of 1st November 2014 Australian passport holders will be issued a visa upon arrival upon paying the visa fee (US$30). An invitation letter is no longer needed.

Attention: As of the 16th of November 2017, a new visa regime for the Republic of Rwanda was established. The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration would like to inform the public of the following New Visa Regime:

  1. Reciprocity – Rwanda will grant visas free of charge with 90 days validity to the following countries on a reciprocal basis: Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, Ghana, Indonesia, Haiti, Senegal, Seychelles and Sao Tome and Principe. This is in addition to the Democratic Republic Congo, East African Community Partner States, Mauritius, Philippines, and Singapore. This takes immediate effect.
  2. Visa waiver for Diplomatic and Service Passports – The Government of Rwanda has entered into a Visa Waiver Agreement for holders of Diplomatic and Service Passports with; Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, India, Israel, Morocco and Turkey. This takes immediate effect.
  3. 30 Days visa upon arrival – Citizens of all countries to get visa upon arrival without prior application, starting the 1st of January 2018. Before that, only nationals of African countries and a few others were getting a visa upon arrival.
  4. COMESA Member States to get 90 days visa upon arrival – Citizens of COMESA member states to get 90 days visa on arrival (on payment of the prescribed fee) as provided by Article 4 of the COMESA Protocol on Free Movement of Persons, Labour, Services, Right of Establishment and Residence. Rwanda ratified the protocol on the 13th of July 2016. Currently, citizens of COMESA member states were getting 30 days on arrival as other holders of African Passports. This takes immediate effect.
  5. Rwandans living abroad with dual nationality allowed to use national IDs on entry – Waive visa fee to Rwandans travelling on foreign passports in possession of a Rwandan Identity Card for countries that permit dual nationality only. Initially, Rwandans travelling on a foreign passport in possession of a valid Rwandan passport were the only ones granted a visa free on arrival. This takes immediate effect.
  6. Foreign residents to use their Resident ID cards for entry – Returning residents holding valid residence permits with corresponding resident cards will be allowed to use them on entry, including using electronic gates (Automated Passenger Clearance System) at Kigali International Airport.



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