The Rwanda Trade Portal is a trade facilitation platform implemented by the Rwanda Revenue Authority under the supervision of the National Trade Facilitation Committee. The Trade Portal has been developed to publish trade procedures online, displaying them step-by-step, with contact information on enquiry points, fees and access to forms. It provides traders with transparent information on trade procedures and the government with a tool to measure the impact of the trade facilitation reforms.


Rwanda’s major exports include coffee that covers between 50% and 80% of total export, tea, honey, handicrafts, tin cassiterite, Wolframite, pyrethrum and others. To export goods from Rwanda, the export license is highly recommended. Read full procedures here.


To import processed food products, pharmaceutical products and other goods in Rwanda, an individual should consider the customs tariffs, rules of origin, import prohibitions, and trade remedy regulations. For more procedures, click here.


Rwanda permit the transit of pharmaceutical products, food products, processed non-food products, textile, electronics, motor vehicles and others. Note that narcotic drugs, firearms, explosives and other goods infringing copyrights are prohibited. Read full procedures here.

Visit the Rwanda Trade Portal here: