ADHI Corporate, in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, unveiled the new Bwiza Riverside Community project at a ceremony presided over by His Excellency President Paul Kagame.

The Bwiza Riverside affordable homes project, was designed primarily with first-time homeowners in mind. Qualifying buyers will choose from four distinct affordable home sizes and styles.

The unique construction method used in building ADHI homes consists largely of a patented system of light steel frames combined with lightweight concrete and other innovative elements to create green-certified homes.

The method results in 53% on-site energy savings and future cost savings for homeowners. Furthermore, Bwiza Riverside will use green infrastructure to develop a sustainable community with a low carbon footprint.

The government of Rwanda aims to create 150,000 new dwellings annually to meet the projected demand of 5.5 million dwellings by 2050. Through initiatives like the affordable housing program, the government seeks to address low and middle-income communities’

housing challenges.

Commenting on the project, Clare Akamanzi, RDB CEO, said:

“We welcome the investment by ADHI in the provision of affordable housing. It boosts the government’s goal for urbanisation to reach 35 per cent by 2024. However, we need to see more houses being built as there is still a significant gap to meet the demand for affordable housing. We encourage more developers to take advantage of the existing incentives, which include the provision of infrastructures like roads, water and electricity, and a reduced corporate income tax of 15 per cent.”

During the unveiling, guests toured five completed model homes, which will serve as the “blueprints” for all other housing units to be built over the next two years. Upon completion of the development, Bwiza Riverside will comprise 1,680 affordable houses and 720 luxury units. 

In addition to the affordable homes,  ADHI Corporate has established a training academy for Innovative and Sustainable light steel frame construction. Academy students receive on-site, competence-based training to prepare them for future employment opportunities. As such, the academy students will form a key component in the building of Bwiza Riverside.

To ensure access to affordable financing, enabling more Rwandans to purchase homes in the project, ADHI Corporate has partnered with the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD). Applications can be made at:  

Commenting on the uniqueness of the housing project, Soleman Idd, the ADHI Chairman, said:

“Our construction method is innovative yet uses proven technologies and materials that, when combined, result in faster, cheaper, stronger, and long-lasting buildings. Our built houses suffer minimum impact from the weather, seismic damage, wind and fire, rust, rot, and humidity. With our in-house training, skill development, certification and tools, we also empower both genders economically.”


For RDB media inquiries, please contact:

Doreen Ingabire, Head of Communications

Tel +250789525598

For ADHI media inquiries, please contact:

Tel +250 791 446 400

About RDB

Rwanda Development Board is a government agency responsible for leading the country’s transformation to a dynamic global hub for business, investment, tourism and innovation. Its mission is to fast track economic development in Rwanda by enabling private sector growth. For more information, visit 

About ADHI Corporate

The ADHI Corporate Group was established in 2011 in Gabon and is dedicated to innovation, sustainability and empowerment. Their sustainable construction method is a patented system that uses modular parts pre-made in a factory for faster and more affordable construction. This method addresses climate change concerns while providing homes that are well-suited to African climates.

For more information, visit:

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