Home Is Where the Heart Is

“After spending 22 years living and working abroad, I have come to Rwanda, my motherland, one of the safest countries in the world and Africa’s most inspiring success story,” says Nadine Wase.

Nadine is a young Rwandan who left Rwanda when she was six years old and went to live and pursue her studies in Australia. Today, Nadine is a Teaching Assistant in a kindergarten where she prepares kids between 3-5 years old to go to school once they reach the age of five.

Though she has spent most of her life abroad, Nadine never stopped speaking Kinyarwanda because she always wanted to go back home and communicate with ease. 

“For me, learning languages is a continuous process, and that pushed me to keep learning new Kinyarwanda words,” says Nadine. 

After spending just three back weeks in Rwanda, Nadine felt at home! As an adventurous person, Nadine enjoyed travelling to different places across the country and decided to extend her stay to discover more of Rwanda’s natural beauty as well as explore Kigali’s exciting hotspots.

Nadine describes Rwanda and Australia as welcoming and peaceful places, though both countries are diverse in terms of work and culture. 

“Australia is a busy country and since I spend my weekdays working, I prefer to relax with my adorable three kids during weekends at my favourable beach on the Gold Coast, Australia’s premier holiday destination that has world-class surfing beaches,” she says. 

Nadine has enjoyed her time in Rwanda and was grateful to have had enough time to take in the sights and sounds of her homeland. Today, she wishes that her firstborn will also visit Rwanda in future. Nadine loved Rwanda’s cultural practice including greeting people whenever you enter a shop or any other place. 

For Nadine, Australia is a great place to live and work for any Rwandan considering that the country is flexible and enables individuals to work with various organisations or create their own businesses. 

Having spent time in Rwanda, Nadine explains how some young Rwandans living abroad have the wrong narrative of the country: “Many young people don’t know the reality in Rwanda. They’re told different and inaccurate stories. I’d like to leave them a message and tell them that Rwanda is safe and more welcoming than what they learn from social media or news sites.” 

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